Search For A Missing Kayaker – 3rd July 2017

Crew Paged: 14:13pm Solent Coastguard requested the crew to launch the Atlantic 85 to search for a reported missing kayaker in the Hayling Bay area. The Atlantic 85 launched within minutes and made best speed to the search location and commenced a very thorough search of the area. After approximately a hour and a half of the […]

Broken Down Jet Ski – Tuesday 27th June 2017

Crew Paged: 19:01pm Solent Coastguard requested Portsmouth Inshore Lifeboat to launch to a broken down jet ski drifting out of Langstone Harbour, The ILB launched with a crew of 3 and within a couple of minutes was on scene with the jet ski. A tow was rigged and the D Class towed them back to […]

Broken Down Vessel – Monday 26th June 2017

Crew Paged: 00:29am Solent Coastguard requested the crew to launch the Atlantic 85 early hours of Monday morning to assist a broken down vessel that had tied themselves onto a buoy just off Southsea Castle. The Atlantic 85 launched and provided a tow for the vessel into Portsmouth Harbour. Solent Coastguard released the crew to […]

Shout 2 of 2: Windsurfer Lost Their Rigging – Sunday 25th June 2017

While standing down from the previous search, Portsmouth’s Atlantic 85 came across a windsurfer in the water with failed rigging. The Lifeboat retrieved the windsurfer and his rigging from the water and carried out various first aid checks on the windsurfer to see if he needed any further assistance. After the checks were complete the Lifeboat […]

Take Over Tow From Bembridge Lifeboat – Tuesday 20th June 2017

Bembridge Lifeboat had picked up a 30ft vessel south of Selsey. As Bembridge Lifeboat towed the vessel closer to Langstone Harbour they had asked if Portsmouth Lifeboat would come and take over the tow into Langstone. It was decided by Portsmouth’s Lifeboat Operations Manager that indeed we would launch to assist. The crew were paged […]