B Class – Atlantic 85

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The Atlantic 85 lifeboats serve the shores of the Ireland and the UK and are known as inshore lifeboats (ILBs). The Atlantic 85 is the third generation Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) in the B-Class series, developed from the Atlantic 21 and Atlantic 75 by the RNLI design team in Cowes, Isle of Wight.
The Atlantic 85 can remain on service for three hours at full speed.  In the event of a capsize the Atlantic can be righted by activating a gas buoyancy bag which will in turn right the lifeboat.  The Atlantic can be launched by a number of methods which include Tractor and Drive On Drive Off carriage, slipway and davit launching.
The boat’s rigid hull is constructed of Carbon fibre laminate, with a foam core, and the sponsons are are extremely durable and made of Hypalon coated Nylon material. The twin 4-stroke Yamaha outboards each producing 115 hp are modified at the RNLI’s Inshore Lifebaot Centre at Cowes to prevent water entering in the event of a capsize. This allows them to be restarted within seconds after the vessel has been righted.

General Specifications:

Length: 8.44 m   (27.7 ft) Endurance: 3 hours at full speed
Beam: 2.8 m  (9.2 ft) Crew: 3 or 4
Displacement: 1.8 tonnes Construction: Carbon fibre and foam core laminate
Speed: 35 knots Engine: 2 x 115 hp Yamaha outboards (4-stroke)




D Class – IB1


The D Class Lifeboat was the first RNLI inflatable, introduced in 1963.
The D Class Lifeboat is equipped with a single 50hp outboard engine and is ideal for rescues close to the shore where larger lifeboats cannot operate. It can be righted manually by the crew after a capsize and unlike its predecessors, is not restricted to daylight operation.
The boat has a crew of 2 or 3, is 16 feet long and has a speed of 25 knots.
The D Class lifeboat is launched from a trolley and can stay at sea for around three hours.

General Specifications:

Length: 4.9 m  (16.1 ft) Endurance: 3 hours at full speed
Beam: 2 m  (6.6 ft) Crew: 2 or 3
Displacement: 436kg Construction: Hypalon coated polyester
Speed: 25 knots Engine:
50 hp Mariner outboards (2-stroke)